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Thank you for choosing Darkside Tanning!  We are a friendly and helpful tanning salon that offers clean, private, secured rooms with a relaxing shore-inspired environment.  We currently have 20 tanning units (both beds and booths.) 

All tanning clients must fill out a membership and release form.  You will need to indicate your skin type and list any medications you may be taking that could cause sensitivity to sunlight.

As per PA State Law, NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 17 IS PERMITTED TO TAN INDOORS IN THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA.  (Age 17 must initially be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian).

Please, tan smart ... don't burn!

Darkside Tanning carries many tanning lotions designed to hydrate your skin, boost your melanin production, and maximize your tanning potential.  We carry lines such as Australian Gold and Designer Skin, to name a few.  Other tanning supplies and cold beverages are also available.  Please, no outside tanning oil, as it clouds and breaks down the acrylics that you lay on.  Additionally, oils are less effective when tanning vs. using a tanning lotion.

We provide goggles for your use and your convenience.  You are required to wear them each and every time you tan.  As a responsible tanner - both indoors and out - you must remember to take care of your eyes.  Simply closing them does not provide adequate protection.  Personal eyewear is available for purchase if you wish to have your own.  In addition, freshly laundered white towels are readily available for your use.  Please, dispose your used towels in the bin at the front desk.

We are more than happy to show you around the salon and answer any questions.  We want you to be fully comfortable and to enjoy your time with us.  We're here to help you achieve the optimal results that you desire.  Please call us any time if you have any questions or issues.  570-389-1799.

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